Roy Dunphy with 'The Giant Blueberry Muffin'Welcome to Commercial Costumes!

 We are a Maine, Woman-owned family business providing custom designed and hand crafted Mascot Costumes since 1991.

 Founded by Roy Dunphy, a man who never said "No" to a creative challenge, Commercial Costumes continues to follow in his footsteps, and anyone who knew Roy would agree that those were big shoes to fill. Known for his ingenuity and good humor, Roy had an instinctive ability to turn a daunting project into 3D reality all the while telling you a funny story and making it look easy. His work making props and scenery in the early days of live TV led to creating puppets for use in TV commercials, then the same characters needed to be made life size, for use in parades. Then, there were more requests for "parade suits", and mascot costumes. Soon the family was involved, with wife Frannie and daughter Colleen helping to craft mascot costumes that were more durable, comfortable, and cleanable.

 Now in its second and third generation and with Roy's inspiration as a guide, Commercial Costumes continues to produce high quality custom made mascot costumes for sports teams, business promotions, schools and organizations.      

 At first, a nondescript brown ranch house seems an unlikely birthplace for Slugger the Sea Dog, Oakie the Acorn, Sugarloaf's Blueberry Bear and Spuddy the Maine Potato.
 On the other hand, it's hard to imagine where, exactly, these creatures should come from. So why not a basement workshop where for 20 plus years Commercial Costumes has been animating the inanimate and anthropomorphizing the animal kingdom for Maine Companies, sports teams, colleges and towns? Just about any Maine Mascot you can name, more than 80 at last count, emerged from this tiny operation run by the mother and daughter team of Frannie Dunphy and Colleen Writt.

 Colleen, a graduate of Greely High School, grew up sewing dolls and clothing, and tagging along after her busy and creative Dad. She developed a knack for design and attended Portland School of Art (now MECA) in the late 1970's, earning a BFA.

 As time went on and business picked up, she was called upon to help Frannie and Roy with the mascots more and more, drafting patterns and stitching, helping out with cleaning and repairs.

 The little family business split up the different tasks, with Roy sketching the designs, molding the eyes and sculpting sheet foam rubber into mascot heads, Colleen drafting the body patterns and finishing the heads with fur, and Frannie rolling out huge bolts of artificial furs and stretch lycra, cutting out and stitching up the suits, paws and feet.

 By the time Roy's health was failing, Colleen and Frannie had enough experience to take on the whole process, start to finish, on their own.

 The folks at Commercial Costumes have learned a lot over the years, taking on each unique project as it comes.
Starting with that first call or email from a prospective client, to the initial sketch, client approval, sculpting, molding, fitting, stitching, and finishing, careful craftsmanship and eye for detail ensure a custom made mascot that closely resembles your concept, ready to represent your school or business, and have fun at the same time.

 Even after Commercial Costumes has finished a new mascot and presented it to the client, demonstrated how to wear it and explained how to care for it, the story is not over. Commercial Costumes offers expert cleaning and repair of mascot costumes.

“We hope you enjoy our new Website. We will be adding pictures of our new Mascots as we go along. Feel free to send us a note on our contact page with questions or comments. Looking forward to working with you!”.

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